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Sunday, April 06, 2014

A Little Color

Lisa the Biker Chick, before she broke her arm and leg.  Now she's twice as Metal!

Candace, Lisa's Evil Minion.

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Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?

My Buddy Frank.  Photo & Shop by Me.

Shooting soon! Copy/Credit/Catering only.

Characters: Generally Caucasian/Mediterranean except for Exotics.  Costumes provided for all but crowd extras.

VERITAS:  Age 20s, well-built gladiator protagonist debunking the Spartacus myth, shortness a plus, stage-fighting expertise with gladius welcome

LYDIA: Age 20s, wife of Veritas, one line, appears in arena audience.

LADY FELIS CONCOLOR CORNELIUS: Age 50s, Senator’s wife, seducer of gladiators. Likes to show a little skin.

MILO:  Age 20/30s:  Gladiator referee   

[UNNAMED EXOTIC] Age 20/30s, well-built gladiator opponent, height a plus, stage-fighting expertise with sword welcome

Featured Extras:

[THE ON-DECK CIRCLE] Well-built gladiators (4) in a cell — Age 20/30s  Long hair or Shaved heads welcome

CAESAR:  Age 50/60s Regal bearing. Present in arena Royal Box.

SENATOR CORNELIUS: Age 50/60s present in arena audience.

ROYAL BOX CANDY:  Age 20/30s females (2-3)

ROMAN SOLDIERS:  Age 20/30s males (2) guarding Royal Box

Crowd extras:  All ages.  Males in togas, females in Roman/Greek dresses.  No green or purple.


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Friday, March 14, 2014

Clothes Whores

"Clothes Whores" got an unofficial Honorable Mention at the Almost Famous Film Festival; Unofficial because they offered it to us -- another Tucson HM team bowed out of the showing because the Phoenix show time was 5pm. Well, DUH, we couldn't make that either on a Thursday night.

Instead, I premiered it at the local First Friday Shorts, where by applause ranking we came in Second behind a college homosex flick supported by the director's whole fraternity.  I didn't mind too much missing out on the Money prize... I enjoyed the audience's reaction and heard a good portion of the audience cheering for our film. 

The bedroom shown is actually my office/guest room (you can see my name on some of the plaques).  Rather than girlie it up or sanitize it, I thought it would be funnier if left as is, sword collection and all.

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I was Bored Today

Technically, not a Red Shirt....

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The McBride Shoot

 On my third movie shot at Gammons GulchGarrett Moldrem (center) of Made of Love Films directed.  He also shot McBride's "sequel," the local-award-winning Blackwood.

As the Behind-the-Scenes videographer, I still stepped in and played boom operator, grip, and even acted in a scene.

Bill Couch is a local staple in the industry.  He plays the bartender in this prequel and a bar patron in Blackwood.  I told him he must have been fired for watering down the drinks.  "Hey, that's how the bar makes a profit...."

I'd been FaceBook friends with David Hight for a few years before I first met him at the McBride script reading.  He carries the exposition load in this movie as the town sheriff Rupert Jones.  

Nick Murray (center) is a Pima Film classmate of mine.  He was DP on the 2009 Pima films Arizona Chainsaw Massacre and Apprehension.  He was happy to be on the camera crew, but I railroaded him into the funeral scene, because I was too fat for the one spare pair of pants left in wardrobe and I knew his skinny butt could fit in them.  The director wanted me in the scene, but since it wasn't on the call sheet, I left my costume at home and dressed for comfort on the set.  My character would have been in the back row at the funeral anyways, thus first out of the church and not in the scene.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Shooting in Great Outdoors

While the Frozen East suffered through snow and ice this weekend, we merely got rain Saturday and it dried up enough Sunday to go out and make some photographs.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In the Shooting Gallery: Shooting Video not Guns

Photo by David Wing
This weekend, I'm leading Team Cowboy Blob in the 10th Annual Almost Famous Film Festival 48-Hour Film Festival.  I'm no greenhorn in this rodeo, but this is my first ride as sole Producer.  I've got two returning crew and recruited two more I met during the shooting of "Dead Meat."  I look forward to working with my cast, so far consisting of two talented lady friends/actresses with whom I've worked previously.

The weekend after that, I'll be crew and minor cast for "McBride," the prequel to Gerry Gilbert's award-winning Western short "Blackwood."  We're shooting out at Gammon's Gulch again, so I'm sure it'll look great.

After that, gotta try to finish the Binker Movie "Ready When You Are, CB."

Beyond that, I've got three shorts in the queue to produce before I even think of writing another one... unless they don't get done by summer.  I ALWAYS use the summer road trip drive to brainstorm a script for the Pima College Advance Cinematography class.  That and the summer Binker Movie.

Last year's 72-Hour "One Script Challenge" Movie here.

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Monday, February 03, 2014

Pre-Super Bowl Skeet

My best buddies the Copelands (two brothers and Dad) invited me to do some pre-Super Bowl skeet shooting at Ben Avery, and I resolved not to show up with a 12 gauge pump, because I shoot those in 3-Gun all the time, except when I'm feeling handi-capable and bring my Winchester 1300 Lady Defender (I defend Ladies with it... got a problem with that?).  So I dug into the Other Gun Safe (the one with SKSs and other runners up) and brought out my Sile 20-banger for a joy ride.  Determining when we'd last shot skeet together, it seems I was 30 pounds lighter, sporting a GI-haircut, and sucked at the gun game.  Some things never change.  I struggled to manage one hit  at each station over two rounds, but I had fun shooting with old friends and new buddies who were very generous with coaching tips.

My choice of gat drew some attention... "Son, that doesn't quite look right," was a common reaction to the Sile (importers, not manufacturers), and it took me a stage to realize that with the single trigger o/u gun, the BOTTOM barrel shoots first. The Sile got passed around by folks amazed an o/u existed that didn't cost a Grand.  Jon was there with his 3-gun competition rig and brother Wayne with a similar piece; the Elder Copeland sported a .410 gat from a matched set... he cleaned our clocks.

The other two in our six-some were sporting 28-guages... as pro shooters are want to do.  Yeah, they were crazy-good.  I don't mind not keeping score too closely... we were shooting in early February, in Phoenix Arizona, in shirtsleeves in absolutely gorgeous weather.  They'd squeezed us locals into a few of the public positions.  While there, we paused for the National Anthems of the United States and Canada, as the Big Event kicked off.  No Denver Broncos were injured in the making of this event.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Got Your Xmas List Posted to Santa Yet?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Not Exactly Yosemite

Part I of our Image Maker assignment in Digi-Photo II was to select a Photographer and present a minimum 20-minute lecture including examples of the Photog's work. When the Professor joked, "No one's gonna pick Ansel Adams, right?" I picked up the thrown gauntlet. Part II of the assignment would be to present for critique a series of photos in the style of that photographer. "How hard can it be to shoot a buncha rocks? Around Tucson?" The real stickler was waiting for days with dramatic cloud cover, an idiom (or cliche, if you will) of Adams' work.

Without a scenic body of water nearby, I decided to make one of my own for a photo. Behold! Lake Santa Rita! Breaking with Ansel's technique a bit, I saved some detail that might have been burnt black by Adams' trademark contrastiness. Call me a Rebel.
My Part I presentation went well last week; Part II is tomorrow night.

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Dead Meat

After a four-day shoot spanning the Veterans' Day weekend, we wrapped the Pima Community Colllege Ad-Cin. production of the Western Horror short, "Dead Meat."  It's now up to the Spring semester Post-Production class to bring it to the premiere at the May Student Showcase.

Pictured are Taylor Plecity (bottom) and Robert Arizonn, part of a very talented cast of which I was the Weakest Link, being the only non-actor among them.  Fortunately, the role of Harper the Bartender was ideal for me -- no complicated dialogue and nothing to over-challenge my limited range of acting.

When not in front of the camera, I took advantage of the set lighting to shoot behind-the-scenes for my Digi-Photo Final portfolio.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cactus October 2013 Multi-Gun Halloween Match

 Was nice going back to where I used to design stages and discover they've finally adopted a 3-Gun item on the menu instead of only charging a la carte per gun.  Recognized some of our classic Halloween stages... sometimes the oldies are best.

Jon treated Piter to a Full-Auto shot at the match.  After that put a smile on Piter's face, he put a smile on the paper plate and won the Match Art Contest.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

AZ State Sub-Gun Match

This weekend I shot the muy fun ASSM hosted by the Rio Salado Sportsmen's Club Full Auto Division. I haven't gotten the Uzi tweeked yet, so I brought my semi-auto 9-AR, and competed in the Semi-Auto Division. Not that I could afford the copious ammo expenditure involved in competing in the FA Divisions (FA guns cannot be Selected to Semi), so I saved some bucks there.

I joined Jon and Big Bob on Squad 1 (somehow designated the Super Squad) and brought my DSLR instead of the usual FlipCam or iPhone to shoot video. I even went ahead separately in my own car since I had to leave straight from the range to get back to Tucson in time for the premiere of "The Reaper Strikes Back" at the Tucson Terrorfest Horror Film Festival that night.

I got some cool moonset pix for my troubles, but since the range is shaded by a great big mountain at sunrise, the sunrise was less spectacular.  I forgot to get pics of the sunlit mountains later, which will be a detriment to one of my photo assignments for class.

The match had a Clint Eastwood Movie theme and was a blast and a half to shoot!  I hope this match doesn't become too popular, since the Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun Match I've been blogging about over the years has been filled merely seconds into the on-line registration deadline today.  Wonder how many slots will be sold on eBay....

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The Binker Strikes Back

I haven't shared any pix of my niece, "The Binker," in quite a while. She is growing into a smart, outgoing young lady. Last year, between chipmunk videos, I recruited her to star in my summer vacation movie "The Reaper Strikes Back."

Last night, it premiered at the Tucson Terrorfest Horror Film Festival with a favorable audience reaction. I recorded it on my smartphone so the Binker can enjoy the experience too.

This summer's production, "Ready When You Are, C.B." is in post-production.

Update:  Dammit, I lost the video transferring it from my iPhone! 

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fun with Swords and Fur Bikinis

Because I can't post about guns ALL the time!

Click to enbiggen.

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